Mission and Goals

  1. To shine a positive light on the martial arts and help children and adults through the positive influences of the Martial Arts.
  2. To reach children in our community and be a positive influence in their lives.
  3. Bring karate classes at little or no cost.
  4. Teach self control and self discipline.
  5. Help to set positive goals and achieve those goals.
  6. Bring people into our karate .family. so they do not seek other .families.. Example: Gangs, drug dealers.
  7. Help build healthy minds and bodies.
  8. Teach people to respect themselves and others in the community which will in turn assist everyone to stay gang free, drug free, and alcohol free.
  9. Instill a Champion Attitude.

With the discipline in Karate, Master LaSala is sure that he can teach children how to take orders from others (teachers, parents, authority figures, their future employers, etc.).

Master LaSala says, .I look forward the day I am watching ESPN and see one of my students holding the World Championship Title like myself. You see, once they get to know me and my background they will realize that they too can have the spirit of a champion..

God bless and I hope to see you in class.

In Christ,
Master Fred J. LaSala
6x World Champion